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TITLE [삼정식품] Information for 2B Tablet (Black Garlic and Bamboo Salt Tablet)
NAME outrigerbiz
DATE 2018-09-07
It’s my own edition as a Korean Food Consultant not catalogue.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

Black Garlic Bamboo Salt tablet (Main application)

How to eat : My recommendation is 5~7 tablets two times per day.  Morning and evening.  Not 30min later but together with meal.


<Main applications which I strongly recommend>

* Chronic gastritis and stomach ulcer : can get well mostly within 2~3 weeks.  

(When those patients have a sudden pain, usually 5~15 minutes later are enough time for pain free after 5~7 tablets intake) 

* Gout : Helpful or improved within 3~12months. (need dietary control together).  1~2 months are enough time if not serious gout patients.  Check uric acid value by blood checking in hospital after two months intake.)  

* Arthritis : can be improved or get well in 1.5 ~ 3 months if not so serious.  5~6months in case of serious arthritis patient.  (inflammatory arthritis only not for degenerative arthritis)


<Sub applications>

* Constipation : Some get better some don’t.

* Diabetes (type II only) : Helpful or irmproved if together with dietary control.

* Cancer metastasis : In case of Korea, 80~90% of cunsumers are cancer patients after operation and/or chemo-theraphy to keep from 2nd cancer(metastasis).

* Necrosis : 7 tablets intake 3 or 4 times per day.   Need to see whether the necrosis area get decreased or not during intake. 

* I would recommend this table to normal person, too.   It’s to keep him or her health and for daily detox. and supplements. 


<Side effect or healing crisis>

* Person who has lots of chemicals(chemical base food additives or pharmaceuticals) may feel uncomfortable (stomach or skin or feeling) at the beginning period of intake. 

* Weak kidney person may experience swollen legs in the morning. 

=> Need to try 1 tablet first and increase step by step.  If the healing crisis is serious, stop intake and try 1 tablet some time later.  And, try to increase the qty step by step.  Or, stop and intake repeatedly considering patient’s condition step by step. 


////////////////////////////////////////// (Edited by SeongHae Kim <Food Consultant> 2018.08.24.)